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Curate Your Wedding Music

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We have created a mobile app that we customise for your Wedding, and it enables you as a couple to pick and choose all your special songs and send us a list of requests.

The app has been designed so you can link up to your Youtube or Spotify accounts and link us playlists that you have created there. This addition has enabled many couples to send us their favourite music effortlessly.

You can also invite some of your guests to contribute to any lists you specify whether it be general requests or your Mum would like to pick a song for one of your special songs.

We then intuitively have made the app so we can sync it with our DJ software and it creates a playlist of all your songs that you have requested in an easy to access virtual DJ crate for us to access – if we don’t have the song it will notify us and tell us to get downloading.

We have found this helps settle nerves coming up to your Wedding Day – as all the music is planned right in your pocket, you can even change a song last minute during the day if you please (however we highly suggest staying off your phone at your own Wedding)

This is an exclusive app to My Wedding DJ – so you won’t find this with any other DJ company in New Zealand.

Check out some of our Wedding DJ packages and get in touch now, so you can get access to your own specialised Wedding Music mobile app.

(works on most mobile phones running Android or iOS)

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Curate Your Wedding Music

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